Swobbit® Products of Guilford, Connecticut has opened a manufacturing and distribution facility in the United Kingdom to improve service to customers in Europe for its boat maintenance products.

The Swobbit facility in Whitstable, Kent is to be operated as a joint venture with Barton Marine Equipment, a leading manufacturer of over 1,000 marine products since 1949.

Whitstable Marine is just down the road from Barton Marine, so even if we don't have the product in stock we are sure to be able to fulfil your order very quickly.

£18.92 £17.00

Swobbit Aqua Dry Towel

£11.70 £10.50

Swobbit Hand Tool Adaptor

£33.79 £30.00

Swobbit Medium Deck Brush

£37.57 £33.80

Swobbit Soft Deck Brush

£20.95 £18.90

Swobbit Soft Washing Tool

£33.79 £30.00

Swobbit Stiff Deck Brush

£7.47 £6.75

Swobbit Terry Towels

£17.92 £16.15

Swobbit Universal Boat Hook

£14.95 £10.00

Vuplex 200g Can

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