Seajet Paints

SEAJET is owned by Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd. (CMP); a Japanese company established in 1917 and listed on the Nikkei stock market index. CMP is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of coatings to commercial shipping and other areas of industry such as containers, industrial plants, steel structures, buildings and power stations.  

SEAJET products were first introduced during the early 1990’s with the arrival of a range of advanced self-polishing antifoul coatings, topcoats, primers, varnishes and thinners. The factory and head office is based in Holland where products are made in readiness for despatch to a network of over 30 official importers and distributors worldwide.

 Since they were first introduced the popularity and widespread acclaim of SEAJET products has grown to such an extent that SEAJET is now a highly recognised marine name with significant market share in many popular European boating countries.  

Other countries are steadily increasing their sales of SEAJET products as more and more boat owners become familiar with the brand and satisfied with the consistent and reliable performance on offer from SEAJET products.

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